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Jamestown, North Dakota
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College is a great time to discover more of who you are, who God is, and how the two fit together.


You'll find students from a variety of denominations and backgrounds at Grace.


In fact, we strive to be a  place for people of all denominations and none, so no need to give up being Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, or whatever you are.


Just come and be yourself!

If you've got questions about Grace on Campus and our related programs contact:

You could also be innovative and give us a call, ask in person, or use smoke signals.

Connecting Points for College Students

Grace on Campus

Is an official student organization of Jamestown College. We welcome students from all faith backgrounds, including those who have major doubts about God and the Christian faith. We sponsor regular conversation group (usually every other Thursday night in the Unrush-Sheldon lounge) as well as occasional special events.


Dr. Joy's Bible Study

Dr. Mark Joy, professor of American history, who serves on the preaching team at Grace, leads a Bible study for college students. Sometimes the group studies a book of the Bible, sometimes the group reads a book together. The time and location of the group's meeting change from semester to semester.

Contact Dr. Joy for more information at


Internship Program

In partnership with the college Grace offers an internship program in spirituality. Students specialization in an area of their choice (usually related to their major or career goals) for which they receive college credit.

Peer Minister Program

This program is for students interested in developing their faith and in learning how to minister to other people with more effectiveness. This program will be of interest to students considering full-time ministry, lay ministry, or service in one of the helping professions.


Choral Scholarship Program

This scholarship program awards participating students a sizeable stipend for singing on a limited number of occasions throughout a given semester. Singing is usually done in small groups or with the church choir.

Community Service Hours

Jamestown College now requires students to complete 10 hours of service to the community. Grace Church offers a number of opportunities for students to complete this requirement in fun and meaningful ways.


General Church Life

Grace focuses more on bringing people together than separating them by age or stage in life. College students are encouraged to be as active as they wish in all aspects of our congregation's life, whether its singing in the choir, helping the poor, attending Bible study, helping lead worship, or volunteering in the office.